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Before you come to Yogyakarta, you must know about Yogya. And here, we would like to give you short informarion about Yogyakarta. Special Region of Yogyakarta or DIY is name of a Province in Indonesia.

During the 15 Century there was a Islamic Kingdom in Java, called Mataram Kingdom. Mataram Kingdom is one of some kingdoms that was in Java during colonial time.

Then after independent day of Indonesia at 17 August 1945, the Mataram Kingdom was decided become one of the Province in Indonesia, then now it is famous as Yogya or Jogja.

Then one of the reason why Yogya is Special Region ? It is because Yogya was The Mataram Kingdom and still has a King right now. And the King is become Governor of Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is divided in to 4 district, that are Bantul, Kulonprogo, Sleman, Gunung Kidul. And the capital is Yogyakarta city.


Yogya has some cultural places that left by the Mataram Kingdom. That are Sultan Palace, Water Castle, Fort Vredeburg, Mataram Grand Mosque, Imogiri Royal Cemetery, Cemeti in Parangkusumo beach etc.

Sultan Palace is the house of Royal Family. It is open for public and they provide some tour guide that will show you around and tell the history of those places.

Imogiri Royal Cemetery

Yogya also has some beautiful beach such as Parangtritis beach. It is only 45 minutes drive from Yogya city. And Sundak beach, Sadranan beach, Timang beach, Indrayanti beach etc is in Gunung Kidul district. Then the two very famous cave, called Gua Pindul and Gua Jomblang.

Yogyakarta is really recommended city to visit. Because Yogyakarta has two different option that you can do. For those who want to learn about the culture, of course all the temples,

Sultan Palace and Water Castle are best option. And for those who want to do the nature activity, the the beaches and the caves are best option. And for all the activities, please do not hesitate to ask us. We will help you to make your best tour itinerary and will provide you transport with English speaking driver.


Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhis temple in the world. It is only one hour drive from Yogya. And there are two small temples near by called Pawon and Mendut temple.

The other temple is Prambanan temple, the highest Hindu temple in Indonesia.

Then inside Prambanan temple complex there are three Buddhis temple that known older then Borobudur temple, that are Bubrah temple, Lumbung temple, Sewu temple.

And some small temples such as Sambi Sari temple, Sari temple, Kalasan temple, Plaosan temple, Ijo temple, Ratu Boko temple etc.

Let’s make your plan and more info about Yogyakarta Tours, please do not hesitate to ask me to [email protected] OR WhatsApp me to +6287839598777. See you soon in Yogya !

Discover Yogyakarta’s Wonders with Jogja Jaya Trans

When you explore Yogyakarta in Indonesia, a good driver is key. They make your trip smooth and fun, whether you’re diving deep into the culture or just getting to your hotel.

Yogyakarta drivers know the area well and offer a personal touch. This makes it easy to see famous spots like the Borobudur Temple, the Prambanan Temple, and the Sultan’s Palace at your own speed.

They’ll take you to places that reflect the city’s rich culture and history. But it’s not just about the well-known places. These drivers can also show you secret spots, making your trip truly special and unforgettable.

Key Takeaways

  • Jogja Jaya Trans has been organizing a small professional Yogyakarta driver group since 2011
  • Yogyakarta drivers offer tours to iconic attractions like Borobudur TemplePrambanan TempleSultan’s Palace, and Malioboro Street
  • Yogyakarta drivers tailor tours to individual interests and preferences
  • Booking a Yogyakarta driver is a straightforward process with online reservations and flexible payment methods
  • Yogyakarta drivers have received positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers

The Benefits of Hiring a Yogyakarta Local Driver

Hiring a Yogyakarta driver has many perks, making your trip better in Indonesia’s cultural heart. They know all the hidden gemsoff-the-beaten-path attractions, and lesser-known local spots. They share info on the area’s history, culture, and traditions, letting you truly immerse yourself in the local experience.

Yogyakarta drivers offer a personalized service too. This means you can customize your itinerary as you like. They let you spend more time where you want or take it easy, ensuring your experience is unique and memorable.

First-time visitors might find Yogyakarta’s busy streets overwhelming. A Yogyakarta driver lets you relax and take in the sights. They handle all the logistics, so you enjoy convenient exploration and hassle-free transportation. This is why hiring one is a smart choice.

Exploring Yogyakarta’s Top Attractions

Yogyakarta is home to many top sights for visitors. The Borobudur Temple is a key highlight. It’s a UNESCO site and an old Buddhist temple from the 9th century. The place is full of detailed carvings and has a peaceful vibe. This makes it just right for those looking for a spiritual journey or wanting to learn about history. Another standout is the Prambanan Temple, dedicated to the Hindu faith. This temple shows off amazing stonework and tall peaks. It gives a view into Hindu culture and is perfect for photos.

Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur Temple is not just any Buddhist temple. It’s the biggest in the world today. It was built in the 9th century and has nine floors. The floors represent moving from life to finding wisdom and peace.

Prambanan Temple

The Prambanan Temple is a Hindu gem in Indonesia. It rises an amazing 47 meters into the sky.

Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan’s Palace, or Kraton, offers a glimpse of Yogyakarta’s past royal life. It was the ruler’s hub and stands as a symbol of Javanese heritage today.

sultan palace keraton yogyakarta

Malioboro Street

Malioboro Street is a must-visit for a true taste of Yogyakarta. It’s the city’s lively center. There, you can find unique local crafts, famous batik, and tasty food.

malioboro street
Malioboro Street

Tailored Tours with Your Yogyakarta Driver

A Yogyakarta driver is key to great adventures in the city. They offer tours designed just for you, based on what you love. With their deep local knowledge, they tailor each experience to explore culture, history, or hidden spots. Are you into history, art, or nature?

Your Yogyakarta driver will create a tour that speaks to your heart. They will take you to the spectacular Borobudur and Prambanan temples and tell you interesting tales. You’ll also see secret spots that show the true spirit of Yogyakarta.

Your Yogyakarta driver ensures your tour is full of surprises, like batik workshops or secret waterfalls. These unique experiences make your journey unforgettable.

With a personalized tour, you get to see Yogyakarta your way. You can linger at places that interest you most. This makes your visit special and memorable.

TourDurationPrice per Person
Highlights & Hidden Gems of Yogyakarta2.5 hours€9.19
The 10 Tastings of Yogyakarta: Street Food3 hours€18.38
Treasures of Yogyakarta: Javanese Heritage Tour6 hours€39.15
The Ultimate Borobudur & Prambanan Day Trip8 hours€83.82
Borobudur and Prambanan One Day Tour8 hours€71.86

Your Yogyakarta driver can craft the perfect tour whether you love history, art, or nature. They take you to grand sites like Borobudur and Prambanan.

Sharing unique insights, they unveil lesser-known gems of Yogyakarta. Your trip won’t miss out on varied delights, from batik workshops to serene waterfalls.

Such experiences promise joy and enlightenment throughout your journey. Choosing a tailored tour with a Yogyakarta driver means you explore freely. You can savor special spots more deeply. It ensures your adventure is deeply personal and cherished.

Experience Yogyakarta Your Way

Get ready to explore Yogyakarta with the help of a local driver.

They’ll make sure you see everything you want and more. You won’t just do the usual tourist stuff. Instead, you’ll uncover the real heart of this amazing city, working together to build a trip that suits you best. Whether you’re into history, culture, or nature, they’ve got you covered. 

They know all the secret spots that most visitors miss. This means you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience. You get to choose what your adventure looks like, ensuring every moment is something you’ll remember.

Tour NameDurationTypePrice
Highlights & Hidden Gems of Yogyakarta3 hoursCity Highlight Tours€12.50 per person
The 10 Tastings of Yogyakarta: Street Food3 hoursFood Tours€28.68 per person
Treasures of Yogyakarta: Javanese Heritage Tour2.5 hoursCity Highlight Tours€9.19 per person
The Ultimate Borobudur & Prambanan Day Trip8 hoursDay Trips€83.82 per person
Borobudur and Prambanan One Day Tour9 hoursDay Trips€41.18 per person

Yogyakarta has lots of tour options for you. You can choose from packages like Yogyakarta 3 Days 2 Nights, Yogyakarta 4 Days 3 Nights, and Yogyakarta 5 Days 4 Nights. For shorter trips, you can pick from fun choices like Borobudur Sunrise + Tourism Village, or Borobudur Sunrise + Merapi. Plus, there are many more options. The prices are also quite fair and there are choices to fit any budget.

“Excellent experience with Yula, provided deep knowledge about Yogyakarta’s history.”

Yogyakarta’s tour guides and drivers are top-notch. They’re certified and great at what they do. People love their trips and say amazing things about the service. The cars are always in great condition, making your journey safe and comfortable.

Yogyakarta Tours: Uncovering the City’s Hidden Gems

Yogyakarta is famous for its big sites like the Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. But it also has lots of hidden gems to explore. With a local driver, you can go off the usual path. This lets you see the real Yogyakarta with its unique places. Your driver knows the best spots that aren’t crowded.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences

From small villages to craft workshops, your driver can plan what you like. They know the city’s history and culture well. This helps you really understand Yogyakarta’s daily life and traditions.

Customizable Itineraries

Are you into history, art, or nature? Your driver can make a tour just for you. You might see famous temples or hidden waterfall. It’s an adventure made to match your interests.

Local Insights

Your driver understands Yogyakarta’s culture deeply. They can show you special places off the usual track. These are unique experiences that most visitors miss. They help you make memories that are just right for you.

Hassle-Free Airport Transfers

Going through a new city’s transport can be tough, especially after a flight. But, with a Yogyakarta driver, you get a smooth start to your visit. You’ll find your airport transfer easy and stress-free.

Seamless Transportation

As soon as you land, your driver will be there to take you to your hotel or anywhere in Yogyakarta. You’ll feel the comfort and ease right away. Your Yogyakarta driver ensures you get off to a perfect start.

Reliable Service

Forget about figuring out buses or taxis you don’t know. Your driver manages everything. So, you can relax and enjoy the start of your journey in Yogyakarta. Booking your transfers early means your arrival is smooth and stress-free, paving the way for an amazing time in this beautiful city.

Exploring Yogyakarta’s Cultural Heritage

Yogyakarta is deeply rooted in rich heritage, welcoming visitors to explore its history and traditions. With a local driver, you can discover ancient temples and ruins. These sites showcase amazing stone carvings and architectural feats surviving through centuries.

Ancient Temples and Ruins

Start your journey with the UNESCO-recognized Borobudur Temple. Then, your driver will lead you to the impressive Prambanan Temple complex. Here, you’ll learn about the deep spiritual and historical meaning of these wonders.

Traditional Batik-Making

Batik-making is a centuries-old tradition in Yogyakarta. Your driver can show you to workshops where you can watch artisans at work. You might even get the chance to make your own batik art.

Javanese Arts and Crafts

Also, you can dive into Javanese arts and crafts. This includes everything from detailed wood carvings to fine embroidery. It’s a chance to experience the area’s rich cultural expressions.

Discovering Yogyakarta’s Natural Beauty

Yogyakarta is known for its rich culture and beautiful nature. A trip with a Yogyakarta driver takes you out of the city to find amazing natural sights. You’ll see everything from green hills and big volcanoes to quiet beaches and calm seas. This variety means there’s always something new to explore and enjoy.

Scenic Landscapes

Your driver will take you to incredible spots with great views. You can snap photos of the beautiful landscapes. Walking through the area’s natural pathways or looking at the big volcanoes will make you love nature even more. After these beautiful moments, you’ll feel more connected to the earth.

Volcanic Scenery

Mount Merapi is a hot spot for brave tourists. Your driver can organize a special tour. This tour lets you see the volcano’s might up close. When you’ve had enough of the volcano, Hutan Pinus Pengger, a quiet pine forest, is nearby for peace and relaxation. It offers green tourism and a chance to just enjoy the quiet.

Pristine Beaches

Yogyakarta’s coast has more than just hills and volcanoes. It has untouched beaches where you can relax. Your driver will take you to these hidden spots. There, you can enjoy the sandy shores and the beauty of the coast. It’s perfect whether you just want to chill or try some sea activities. Your driver makes sure you get to see Yogyakarta’s best coastal places.

Culinary Adventures in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta’s rich food culture is a must-see on your visit. With a knowledgeable driver, you’ll taste the area’s varied and tasty food. This includes trying delicious treats on Malioboro Street and eating at local spots with deep histories.

Street Food Delights

You can try spicy Javanese curries, crispy snacks, and unique food finds. Your driver will share the stories behind these famous dishes. It’s a great way to explore Yogyakarta’s food and culture.

Local Cuisine Experiences

Specialties like Gudeg, Nasi Goreng, and Satay will be on your menu. Your driver will help you dive into these local favorites. You’ll visit top spots and taste what makes Yogyakarta’s food scene special.

This tour is all about walking, talking, and tasting the best of Yogyakarta’s cuisine. It costs $46, but with a deal at $42, it’s a great value. With a high rating from 478 reviews, it’s clearly loved by visitors. Your experience includes touring with a local, using traditional transport, and trying authentic food. It’s perfect for those who love exploring new tastes.

Immersive Cultural Experiences

Yogyakarta is full of historical places and beautiful nature. It also has many chances to learn about its rich cultural traditions. With a driver from Yogyakarta, you can truly see the Javanese way of life. You’ll join in on authentic cultural experiences. This shows what Javanese life is all about.

Traditional Performances

See amazing traditional performances like the Ramayana Ballet at the Prambanan Temple. Your driver will make sure you don’t miss this. He’ll also take you to local festivals that honor the culture and beliefs of the Javanese people. You’ll get to see up close the cultural heritage of Yogyakarta.

Local Festivals

Your driver can also show you to quaint villages. Here, meet with the locals, see traditional artisanal practices, and understand more about their life and traditions. These experiences will give you a deep respect for Yogyakarta’s culture. Plus, you’ll feel a strong bond with the people preserving it.

Village Explorations

Guided by a local driver, you get to truly connect with the community. They’ll show you the beauty of performing arts and traditions.

Booking Your Yogyakarta Driver

Booking a driver in Yogyakarta is easy and smooth. It lets you lock in your ride and plan the trip your way with no hassle. You can book online, making it simple to organize your adventure from home or on the move. The system is designed to be easy to use. It clearly shows what your driver offers, the cars available, and the costs.

Online Reservations

Online booking is a breeze for your Yogyakarta driver. It’s a straightforward way to manage your travel needs with ease. In just a few clicks, you can choose your driver and set your own schedule. This ensures your trip is smooth and just how you want it.

Flexible Payment Options

Yogyakarta drivers offer many ways to pay. You can pick what’s best for you. You might prefer to pay by bank, credit card, or cash when you arrive. This means less stress about your travel plans. You can focus on enjoying your Yogyakarta experience without any worries.

Booking your Yogyakarta driver early means you start your trip feeling secure. Your rides and unique adventures are all set up.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Yogyakarta drivers are loved by many for their top-notch service. Satisfied customers often talk about how great their experiences were. They share on travel sites how these drivers made their trips memorable. People appreciate the drivers’ knowledge and the personal touch they add to trips. This includes sharing local stories and pointing out special sights.

Many travelers feel the drivers go above and beyond. They note the care taken to make every trip smooth and unforgettable. This could mean adjusting routes to see more or stopping at favorite spots.

These testimonials show the drivers’ hard work. They are dedicated to making sure every customer has a wonderful time in Yogyakarta. So, if you go for a Yogyakarta driver, you’re in for a treat. They are experts at showing off the city’s charms.

Key Highlights from Traveler TestimonialsStatistical Data
Average rating based on 4,611 reviews4.6/5
Number of testimonials analyzed9
Average length of trips mentioned16 days
Percentage of positive feedback100%
Most mentioned best partsBorobudur Temple, Komodo dragon, snorkeling, local hospitality
Most mentioned worst partsTraffic in Java and Bali, issues with accommodations, long car journeys
Most praised aspectLevel of hospitality and organization
Most common recommendationClarification on transfer times for better planning
Percentage of travelers recommending specific destinations100%
Percentage of travelers recommending specific activities88.9%
Number of different areas visited across all testimonials17

These positive ratings show how committed Yogyakarta drivers are to their customers. They strive to make each journey outstanding. So, choosing a Yogyakarta driver means you’re choosing excellence. Get ready for an amazing adventure in Indonesia with their help.

Exploring Yogyakarta’s Surrounding Areas

Yogyakarta is full of fun things to do. But the areas around it are just as exciting to explore. Go with a Yogyakarta driver to see amazing natural beauty and cultural gems.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Don’t miss the Borobudur Sunrise Tour. It’s at a UNESCO World Heritage site, the world’s biggest Buddhist temple.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour with jogja jaya trans

See the sun over its detailed carvings and serene space. Your driver will take you to the best spot to see this unforgettable view.

Bromo Tour from Yogyakarta

For a great day trip, check out the Bromo Tour from Yogyakarta. You’ll visit Mount Bromo, an active volcano in East Java. Your driver will get you there safely, and you’ll see stunning volcanic views.

Your driver is a great help in exploring the temples, landscapes, and culture near Yogyakarta. They make sure your visit to this special part of Indonesia is truly memorable.


What are the benefits of hiring a Yogyakarta driver?

Hiring a Yogyakarta driver means you get local insights, top-notch service, and easy access to famous spots.

What are some of Yogyakarta’s must-visit attractions?

Don’t miss Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Sultan’s Palace, and shopping at Malioboro Street.

How can a Yogyakarta driver help customize my tour experience?

A driver in Yogyakarta crafts a tour just for you. They share unique facts, visit hidden treasures, and show you the local life.

What kind of cultural experiences can I expect with a Yogyakarta driver?

Expect to dive into Javanese culture with temple visits, watching batik-making, and discovering local art and craft.

Can a Yogyakarta driver help me with airport transfers?

Your Yogyakarta driver can smoothly pick you up from the airport, starting your journey right without any fuss.

What are some of the natural wonders I can discover with a Yogyakarta driver?

Yogyakarta is full of beautiful landscapes, stunning volcanoes, and beautiful beaches, just waiting for you to explore.

How can I book a Yogyakarta driver?

Booking is easy through online sites. You’ll find various ways to pay and suitable for your schedule. Contact Jogja Jaya Trans now!

What do people say about the service of Yogyakarta drivers?

Customers love Yogyakarta drivers for their know-how, courteousness, and the great experiences they make happen.

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