Before you come to Yogyakarta, you must know about Yogya. And here, we would like to give you short informarion about Yogyakarta. Special Region of Yogyakarta or DIY is name of a Province in Indonesia. During the 15 Century there was a Islamic Kingdom in Java, called Mataram Kingdom. Mataram Kingdom is one of some kingdoms that was in Java during colonial time. Then after independent day of Indonesia at 17 August 1945, the Mataram Kingdom was decided become one of the Province in Indonesia, then now it is famous as Yogya or Jogja.

Then one of the reason why Yogya is Special Region ? It is because Yogya was The Mataram Kingdom and still has a King right now. And the King is become Governor of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is divided in to 4 district, that are Bantul, Kulonprogo, Sleman, Gunung Kidul. And the capital is Yogyakarta city.


Yogya has some cultural places that left by the Mataram Kingdom. That are Sultan Palace, Water Castle, Fort Vredeburg, Mataram Grand Mosque, Imogiri Royal Cemetery, Cemeti in Parangkusumo beach etc. Sultan Palace is the house of Royal Family. It is open for public and they provide some tour guide that will show you around and tell the history of those places.

Imogiri Royal Cemetery

Yogya also has some beautiful beach such as Parangtritis beach. It is only 45 minutes drive from Yogya city. And Sundak beach, Sadranan beach, Timang beach, Indrayanti beach etc is in Gunung Kidul district. Then the two very famous cave, called Gua Pindul and Gua Jomblang.

Yogyakarta is really recommended city to visit. Because Yogyakarta has two different option that you can do. For those who want to learn about the culture, of course all the temples, Sultan Palace and Water Castle are best option. And for those who want to do the nature activity, the the beaches and the caves are best option. And for all the activities, please do not hesitate to ask us. We will help you to make your best tour itinerary and will provide you transport with English speaking driver.


Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhis temple in the world. It is only one hour drive from Yogya. And there are two small temples near by called Pawon and Mendut temple. The other temple is Prambanan temple, the highest Hindu temple in Indonesia. Then inside Prambanan temple complex there are three Buddhis temple that known older then Borobudur temple, that are Bubrah temple, Lumbung temple, Sewu temple. And some small temples such as Sambi Sari temple, Sari temple, Kalasan temple, Plaosan temple, Ijo temple, Ratu Boko temple etc.

Let’s make your plan and more info about Yogyakarta Tours, please do not hesitate to ask me to [email protected] OR WhatsApp me to +6287839598777. See you soon in Yogya !

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