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Jeep tour at Merapi volcano

My name is Wisnu from Yogya. I am a tour driver in Yogya. Here I come with my professional driver’s team would like to say WELCOME TO YOGYA to you. We formed this team since 2011 and what we do is to provide transport with English speaking driver for YOGYA TOURS and JAVA TOURS. Yogya and Java is rich of culture and have so many beautifull places. We are local driver from Yogya, so for sure that we know well our area. And we are ready to be your driver and guide for your tour to Yogya and Java.

So….if you are looking for a driver, please do not hesitate to ask me !

Private Transport
For Yogya Tour

Jogja Jaya Trans is provide private transport with English speaking driver. With a private transport, you will get the comfort that you are looking for in your vacation. We are open for discussion for your plan, because we want to be flexible and do not push you to do what we want. But we will do what you want to do.

Our transport is using well maintenance car with good air condition. Then our main GOAL is to give you EXCELLENT SERVICE with BEST PRICE for the transport cost. Safety and hospitality is our main concern.

For full day Yogya tour is start from USD 45 – UP ( RM 200 / IDR 600,000 ) This price is include gasoline and parking fees. Then there will be additional charge for tour to out f Yogya. DISCUSSION OF THE PRICES IS ALWAYS OUR PRIORITY. 

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Private Tour
Borobudur Tour
Borobudur Tour

First option is Borobudur temple and Yogya City. What you can do is, first go to Borobudur temple in the morning and visit to Pawon – Mendut temple. Then drive back to Yogya to visit Sultan Palace, Water Castle and other places.

The second option is Yogya city tour and Prambanan temple. First go to visit Sultan Palace, Water Castle and then to Prambanan temple. And if still have time then you can visit one or two small temples near by Prambanan temple.

The third option is Borobudur temple – mount Merapi – Prambanan temple OR Borobudur temple ( leave early morning ) then do city tour ( Sultan Palace – Water Castle ) and Prambanan temple.

All is depend to how many days you have. For YOGYA TOURS is at least need 2 full days. With in to days then you will able to see the main destination in Yogya. Indonesia is rich of culture and Yogya is one of the cities that still keep the culture. When you visit to Yogya, you will not see high buliding as the other cities. Yogya is flat, and still have a lot of old buliding left by the Dutch and Mataram kingdom.

Horse carriege or andong and becak is the old kind of transportation that still being used. Many tourist like to enjoy it while look around the cities. Malioboro street is the down town where you can enjoy your night time. It is save to walk around because people are welcome to you.

Mendut temple is worth to visit during Yogya Tour
Yogya Tour



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