YOGYA and BOROBUDUR TOUR only with IDR 400,000 or USD 45 arranged by Yogya Driver

Borobudur temple is regularly open at 6 AM to 6 PM, and most of the peoples come to Borobudur temple before 11 AM and or after 2 PM. Because between 11 AM to 2 PM the weather is very hot because of direct sunshine. But most of tourist they would like to see the temple during sunrise time and come early that is at 6 AM.

For sunrise tour, we only can go thru Manohara Hotel in Borobudur complex, and the sunrise tickets is a little bit expensive then the normal ticket entrance fee, that is IDR 335,000 per person or nearly USD 38. For sunrise tour on Borobudur temple, you can stay at Manohara Hotel and you also can stay at your hotel in Yogyakarta. But if you are stay in Yogya, we have to leave from Yogya at least at 4 AM. Because we have to drive about 50 minutes to Manohara Hotel in Borobudur temple complex.

Then another good time to see theBorobudur temple is at 6 AM. For this tour we have to leave from Yogya at least at 5 AM. And we will arrive to Borobudur before 6 AM. For this tour, you will not see the sunrise but you will able to see the beautiful morning at Borobudur temple. During this time the weather is still cold and fresh, and there are not many peoples come on this time. The ticket entrance is only IDR 135,000 or USD 15.

That is the good time we recommend you to see Borobudur temple. As tourism driver in Yogyakarta, we will always giving you best suggestion before you come to Yogya and before going to Borobudur temple. Please inform us if you want to see Borobudur temple, and we are, yogya driver for Jogja Jaya Trans will always to do our best service for you. Hope will see you soon in our beloved town, YOGYAKARTA.