Jogja Jaya Trans is a transport company arranged by Jogja driver. We have been working in tourism since 1997 as driver and also tourist guide. And now we are coming with our own company. Jogja Jaya Trans is start last 2011. We are not a big group but we are just small group with experienced driver. We want to share our experience to you all by becoming your tour partner. There are thousand driver  and  hundred transport companies in Yogyakarta. And if you only need cheap transport, maybe you can find other company, but it does not mean that we are expensive. Our transport cost is refer to what we do. If you are looking for comfortable transport accompanied by English speaking driver, please contact me. and we will offer you excellent service for your holiday in Java and Yogyakarta. 

at Borobudur temple
Borobudur tour with Jogja driver


at Prambanan temple part of Yogya tour
Prambanan Tour

One day tours to Borobudur temple – Merapi volcano – Prambanan temple only with IDR 600,000  arranged by Yogya Driver

We are flexible, anything related to your trip would be able to discuss because we want to make you happy. Our drivers are very nice persons, have a lot of experiences in tourism and able to communication in English. Although our English is not as good as tour guide, but we always want to do our best what we can do. We will share our kwnoledge about Yogya and we will take you to some nice place to eat local food. For more information about driver in Jogja and  Jogja tour, please do not hesitate to ask us. It does not mean that you have to go with us, we are open for any queries.  But if you need a driver with a lot of experience, you can find them here. Let’s explore Java with Jogja driver

Jalan Malioboro is the down town, Kraton Yogya is the Royal Palace, Taman Sari is the Water Castle, Borobudur temple is the biggest Buddhism temple in Indonesia, Prambanan temple is the highest Hinduism temple in Indonesia and Merapi Volcano is the most active volcano in Indonesia. Other than that, we still have a lot of nice places can be visit during your holiday in Yogyakarta. We would be happy to share our knowledge, our experience by becoming your tour driver during your tour to Yogyakarta and Java.

Please let us know when you need English speaking driver. Send your email to or WhatsApp to +6287839598777

We will give you solution by provide you private transport with English speaking driver.

Thank you very much and hope will see you soon in Yogyakarta.

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