People call this city Yogya or Jogja. But actually is this same. Yogya or Jogja is famous as one tourist destination and the right place to spend your short holiday in Indonesia. Why do we invite you to spend your holiday in Yogya? Because Yogya has so many historical places that can be visit. Sultan Palace, Water Castle, Malioboro street, Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, Merapi volcano and we still have so many places that you can visit during your holiday in Yogya. Yogya has beautiful cultural and nature, and local food in Yogya is very nice. So, please do not hesitate to spend your holiday in Yogya.

One day Yogya tour to Borobudur and Prambanan temple Yogya tour visit to Prambanan temple


The idea of holiday in Yogya is by doing YOGYA TOUR. Yogya is not a big city, but if you to Yogya for holiday, at least you have 2 full day. And if you have more then 2 days is much better, so you will able to visit more tourist site in Yogya.

The idea  for 2 days YOGYA TOURS is as follow :

Day 1 : Borobudur temple, Pawon and Mendut temple, have lunch then Merapi volcano tour. Jeep tour is recommended.

Day 2 : Sultan Palace, Water Castle then Prambanan temple.

Two days YOGYA TOURS is actually more relax then the one day tour. But one think that you have to know, for the time being that Prambanan temple and Sultan Palace is not open on Monday. But you still can visit Borobudur temple on Monday, but you will stay until first floor only and not allowed to go up to the temple. Hope one day visitor will able to go up to Borobudur temple again.


Tour guide is available. If you want to know more about the places that you visit then you can hire a local guide. They are official tour guide who have passed the exam. Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, Sultan Palace is provide official local guide. They know very well about the history and its philosophy. So, when you visit to the places, as Yogya driver really recommend you to hire the guide to know more about the places. The tour guides speak several language. Some speak English, French, Dutch, German, Italy and also Japanese.

Our driver is speak English, and what we do is arrange your tour and give some information about Yogya. But when you go inside the tourist object such as Borobudur, Prambanan and Sultan Palace the we have to keep our respect to the rule and to our friend who are working as local guide.


Inside the city of Yogya, we have Sultan Palace, Water Castle, Bird market, Beringharjo market, Malioboro street, Fort Vredeburg, the Grand Mosque of Mataram Kingdom etc . Then the additional activity that you can do is visit to batik and silver industry in Kota Gede. For batik industry, you will see the batik processing. And you can learn how to make batik. It is really interesting process. For Yogya silver, silver is actually very famous. And Kota Gede is the center of silver industry in Yogya. When you visit to Kota Gede, you will see the silver processing. Batik and silver is the most famous souvenir from Yogya. So when you do Yogya city tour, do not forget to visit it because all is very interesting.


Transport service is available for your  Yogya tour. And we are provide transport with  English speaking driver.  We are as YOGYA DRIVER would be glad to saw you what we have in Yogya. Our transport cost is negotiable and of course it is very logic. Our transport is using well maintenance car with experience driver. Here we would like to inform you if you have more time for Yogya tour. Then you also can do an adventure activity. Yogya has Jomblang cave. It is the vertical cave where you can see the beauty of sunshine drop in to the cave. And for water activity, Pindul cave and river tubing is the best option. Then for beaches, Timang beach is famous with gondola ride and losbter, then Parangtritis beach is good place for sunset.

For your Holiday in Yogya, please contact us by email to  jogjajayatrans@gmail.com or WhatsApp to +6287839598777  Hospitality and safety is our main CONCERN !!

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