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Kota Gede has been famous since 1930 as the centre of Yogya’ssilver industry, but the quite old town was the first capital of the MATARAM KINGDOM founded by Panembahan Senopati in 1582. Senopati is buried in the small mossy graveyard of an old mosque near by the town central market. The secret tomb is open only on Monday and Thursday morning from 10 AM to afternoon and on Friday from 1 to 3 PM. Visitors must be wear conservative dress, which basically means hiring a sarong.

The main street of the town is lined with busy silver workshops where you are free to wander round and watch the silversmiths at work. Most of the shops has similar stock, including hand-beaten bowls, boxes, fine filigree and modern jewelery. For the best and the largest silver workshop can fine along Tegal Gendu street, this area famous and known as workshops area for high quality silver.

Kota Gede is only five km from center of Yogya and its take only 15 minutes driver by car. Kota Gede can be added in to Yogyakarta tour program, because we could find some nice foods at the local restaurant in Kota Gede area also. Yogyakarta has everything you need during your travel to Yogya. English speaking driver, English speaking guide, tour and transport service, traditional transportation, Yogya souvenir and we have some western and local food restaurant. etc. Our driver in Yogya would always giving you the suggestion and solution during your tour to Yogya.

Few suggestion for Yogya Tours:

1. Borobudur temple – Pawon temple – Mendut temple – Kota Gede – Prambanan temple.

2. Borobudur temple – Pawon temple – Mendut temple – Merapi Volcano – Prambanan temple – Kota Gede

3. Borobudur temple – Pawon temple – Mendut temple – Sultan Palace – Water castle – Kota Gede – Prambanan temple

4. Borobudur temple – Pawon temple – Mendut temple – Yogya city tour ( sultan palace, water castle, silver and batik industry )

Prambanan and sunset at Ratu Boko temple – Ramayana Ballet.

Welcome to Yogya and have a pleasure days during your tour to Yogya “



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+6281 328 528 191